Eating at Shake Shack

11 Jun 2015

A couple of weeks back when I was in London with my friend Livvy we were on a mission to try places to eat that we hadn't visited before, as we often fall into a familiar routine of eating at the same restaurants and caf├ęs. I wrote a post about where we lunched (see here), so I thought I would blog about where we went for dinner too as there has been a lot of hype around the restaurant.

We have been wanting to visit Shake Shack, the American fast food restaurant chain, since it came to the UK in 2013 but as we are pretty impatient and there was always huge queues every time we were in the Covent Garden area around lunch or dinner time, we have missed out. This time, though, we decided that we would go for an early dinner because we so desperately wanted to go there. This worked out, and when we arrived just before 5pm there was practically no queue at all. 

Myself and Livvy ordered the same (surprise, surprise) and went for the cheeseburger with bacon and then fries. Unfortunately, their machines were broken so there was no frozen drinks or ice creams available. This annoyed me quite a bit because since 'shake' is in the name of the restaurant I wanted to try one but I got over it and went for the Shack-made lemonade instead whilst Livvy had a diet coke. 

After placing your order you get handed a little pager/beeper and you stand and wait for it to vibrate before collecting your order, during which you have prime time for people-watching in the buzzing location. Our orders came within good time and we went and sat in their small indoor seating area as there wasn't too much space outside due to the queue beginning to expand and people saving tables. 

We both absolutely loved our meal and it was all cooked well and tasted amazing. Naturally, we did compare it to Five Guys which we've been to together twice now and Livvy said she preferred the burger at Shake Shack whereas I couldn't decide because they're both really great. The price is quite high if you consider that it's fast food but it's similar to other places of it's kind and is reasonable compared to eating in a proper restaurant of course. Let's just say, if you want cheap fast food stick with McDonalds but if you want nicer quality fast food with a better dining experience go to Shake Shack. 

I would definitely visit Shake Shack again and recommend going if you like this type of food, just go earlier than peak eating times if you aren't one for queues. Hopefully I will actually be able to get a shake next time! 

Where else would you recommend dining in Covent Garden?


  1. Food looks amazing, I would love to visit this place one day!
    I would love to stay in touch with you, so if you want to follow each other on google (GFC) and bloglovin, please let me know! x ❃

    1. It is! Of course, I have followed you now - you have a lovely blog! x

  2. I've heard so much of this place and I think I need to give it a try :)
    Great photos!

  3. Wow that food looks so good, I need to go there! :) xx


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