A Spontaneous Hair Change

4 Feb 2015

I'm the type of person that doesn't do a lot with my hair. And by that I mean most days I don't even brush it but rather I run my fingers through it to get rid of knots. After washing it I normally straighten it and occasionally curl it but apart from that styling my hair only extends to clipping half of it up or putting it in a bun, most often though I just wear it down. It's not that I don't care about my hair because I really do think that a bad hair day can completely turn your mood upside down, I just like it to be easy in the mornings.

All of this means that sometimes I just get bored of it always being the same and feel like a change. I have a habit of wanting to have my hair cut differently spontaneously, the thought really does come from nowhere whereas it seems a lot people plan what they want to get done to their hair weeks before they even book an appointment. It was almost two years ago when I did this the last time, getting my long hair cut off to just below my shoulders. I can't remember exactly how long it was but it was a relatively big change which I decided on doing when I was walking home from college. I know, so random.

This time round I decided for a more subtle change, when I was having a trim the thought came to me that I could try out having a fringe. I'd love to say I spent time on Pinterest searching for the perfect fringes but I really didn't. I said that I might get a fringe cut in a couple of months yet 5 minutes later I just thought "actually, I'll do it now". 

This is the only photo I currently have of my new hair, so apologies for that, but I'm not the biggest selfie taker. I was a bit scared because the last time I had a fringe was at primary school and I had visions of my current self with a full, thick fringe like that which would've been my nightmare. I didn't want a statement fringe or anything like that but just a subtle change and I'm pleased with it so far. As you can see in the image above I prefer not wearing it as a full fringe all the way across my forehead because naturally it wants to sit with a gap between each side which is fine by me as it flatters my face more and I like the versatility of being able to sweep it slightly to the side because it's not too short. 

I really do encourage people to go ahead and make even the slightest changes to their hair because at the end of the day hair grows back so you might as well just try something new! 

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