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2 Feb 2015

Hello! To start off my new blog I thought I would do a short introduction before I start posting properly. 

Originally I had a blog called Style Discovered which I started with a friend before I ran it alone last year. However, I became too busy revising for my A-Levels and didn't get any time to do blog posts, then when summer came around I just didn't fall back into the swing of blogging. 

In October, I started university studying BA Fashion Marketing/Management and for one of the modules my assignment was in the form of a blog. Doing weekly posts gave me the urge to start a personal blog again because whilst I was doing my academic tasks I kept getting ideas of blog posts that I could write if I still had my own blog. 

I wanted to completely start again with a new name and layout. The name Style Discovered seemed quite restricting, although only a name, and made me feel like I should only be posting about fashion and style. This time I chose to name my blog after myself - it's my first name and my middle name - as I use this across various social media sites and didn't think there was anything else more suitable.

I will be blogging about fashion as it's what I love but also beauty, lifestyle, and whatever else I feel like. I'm not going to put pressure on myself this time round, instead I'm going to blog when I feel like I want to and about anything that I want to discuss. 

I'm excited to start blogging again so hopefully it will be enjoyable for both me and people reading! 

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