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Paris Travel Guide Part I: What to See

8 Aug 2017

For my sister's 18th and my 21st birthday this year, we were lucky enough to go on a trip to Paris together. We visited at the beginning of July and the weather ranged from 26-33 degrees Celsius while we were there, making it perfect weather to discover the city in all of its glory. I have previously posted a photo diary from my time in Paris last summer, but this time I wanted to do a more detailed travel guide as we managed to see a lot in the 5 days we were there. It was my sisters first time visiting the city (and my first time visiting for pleasure, rather than work) so we wanted to tick off a lot of the main sights, but hopefully this post will still give you some insightful tips if you have a Parisian break coming up. 

L O U V R E  M U S E U M  &  T U I L E R I E S  G A R D E N S
The stunning architecture of the Louvre museum is a must-see for anybody visiting Paris, even if you aren't interested in the art within. With the Tuileries Gardens neighbouring it, it's a beautiful spot to stroll around on a sunny afternoon if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the streets.

P A L A I S - R O Y A L
If you're near the Louvre museum and enjoyed seeing that, I would definitely recommend popping over the road to the quieter Palais-Royal. The grounds are gorgeous and the famed art installation by Daniel Buren in the inner courtyard is highly instagrammable.

P L A C E  V E N D Ô M E
One of my favourite squares in Paris, it is almost like the light changes as you enter Place Vendôme. It feels much brighter and airier than the surrounding streets and is the perfect spot for luxury lovers since it's home to the likes of Dior, Louis Vuitton and Cartier, while Rue Cambon, home of the original Chanel store, is nearby.

A R C  D E  T R I O M P H E
The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most tourist-heavy sights we visited (the queues to go up are endless) but it's definitely one worth ticking off the list. I found it surreal seeing how huge it was in person and I'd love to see the view from the top at some point. 

E I F F E L  T O W E R 
It would almost be criminal to go to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower, even if just from afar. My sister and I headed to Trocadéro as the views from there are incredible; on a sunny day it's pretty breathtaking and there are countless photo opportunities to be taken advantage of. From here, you can easily walk right up to the Eiffel Tower as well.

C I T É  &  N O T R E  D A M E
I made the uninformed decision to walk to the Notre Dame from the Sacre-Couer which I wouldn't recommend, especially at the height of summer, but it was totally worth it as Île de la Cité and neighbouring island Île Saint-Louis are super cute and relaxing to explore. Again it's touristy and therefore expensive to eat/drink here but it's nice to stop for an afternoon glass of wine or an ice cream from the famed Berthillon.

L U X E M B O U R G  G A R D E N
Of all the gardens in Paris the Luxembourg Garden is up there as one of my favourites. We only spent an hour here to escape from the sun but both agreed we could've stayed for an entire afternoon as there is plenty to discover, including the palace and the museum. 

M O N T M A R T R E  &  S A C R E - C O U E R 
Visiting Montmartre and the Sacre-Couer has to be the number one recommendation I've received from people before going to Paris. Montmartre is such a quaint little area that leaves you feeling like you've escaped the city and entered a small village, with its many cute independent shops, artists and spots to eat. The view from the Sacre-Couer is not at all overrated and although it's another top tourist spot the queues were surprisingly fast. On the way there, stop by the Moulin Rouge and then try to find your language on the 'Wall of I Love You' near Abbesses metro station.

All of the sights in Paris are so easy to get to and we managed to walk everywhere while we were in the city, instead of getting the Metro, which I think was key to discovering new places and ticking off multiple attractions in a day. Plan ahead and you'll definitely be able to do everything you want - I allocated days to doing different things that were relatively close together but didn't pressure myself to stick strictly to the plan either. Even though we saw a lot, I feel like I still have so much to discover in Paris during future visits. It truly is a city which has so much to offer.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my Parisian travel guide, if you have any recommendations of things to see in Paris which I missed I'd love to know. Make sure you stay tuned for part two which will be all about where to shop!


  1. I really wanna go back, there is so much I didn't get to see!!

    Megan |

    1. There are so many things to do it's hard to fit them all in during one trip!

  2. There's an endless list of amazing places to see in Paris!
    The Rodin gardens and Monet Gallery & Gardens were places that will be forever ingrained in my memory as such beautiful places.

    Meghan | The Lipstick Philosopher

    1. I really want to visit the Rodin gardens! Top of my list for whenever I get to visit next


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