Midi Skirt Styling

1 Apr 2016

The midi skirt is an item of clothing I've always admired on other people, both in person and in street style images, yet I have always struggled with finding the perfect one for me. My main concerns are 1) I feel as though the style makes my legs look short because I'm not used to the longer length and 2) I don't know how I'd style one. I found a solution for concern number 1 when I tried on this midi skirt from Zara - a slit in the leg is definitely the way forward for me - and consequently purchased it, but to solve concern number 2 I decided to head to Pinterest (as always) for some inspiration on how to style the new addition to my wardrobe. Here is what I found:
Images from Pinterest

I hope this post was inspiration for other strangers to styling midi skirts, there are so many different ways to dress them up and down which I love as versatile pieces of clothing always win me over. I'm trying to challenge what I know and introduce some new shapes and styles into my wardrobe at the moment, so if I love my new purchase I'll be sure to do a post showing you how I personally like to wear it. 

How would you style the midi skirt?


  1. I agree with you this this is an inspirational for others. Midi skirts are not bad I think it looks gorgeous.

    Orange for Skin Care

  2. Your moodboard of midi styling is really goood. Midi skirts usually concern me because of the length but I may give it a try now :)

    Myra, https://myramyla.squarespace.com/


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