Styling Summer Dresses with Bonprix

3 Aug 2015

Bonprix is a retailer I had never heard of until I was recently approached by a representative of theirs showing me digital postcards they'd created styling their new collection of summer dresses for top holiday destinations around the world. Comparable to Next, Bonprix is a catalogue retailer catering to women, men, and children with many affordable products available in a range of sizes. Though I wouldn't say I am the target customer for Bonprix as I think their womenswear is more suited to a slightly older consumer, after browsing on the site I did come across a couple of items that I would personally wear. Therefore thought I would share with you how I would style one of their summer dresses and prove that garments from one retailer can be worn by consumers of a variety of ages.

Styling Summer Dresses w/ Bonprix

I chose this gorgeous khaki maxi dress to style as I instantly thought it would be such a versatile piece that could be worn to a variety of holiday destinations and has some boho vibes about it which I love during summer. I would personally leave it unbuttoned up to the mid-thigh to create a leg slit which would look super flattering along with the v-neck (this is shown in one of the images on the site) but those who don't want to show as much skin could leave it the way it is shown above. The accessories I chose to pair with it fit in with this season's trends and also add to the bohemian feeling. Lace-up sandals are one of my favourite styles at the moment so I had to include them, not only would they look great peeking out through the slit up the leg but they're also super comfortable. The suede fringed handbag keeps to the theme of the black accessories which looks great paired with khaki and also provides a nod to the seventies trend. I chose to go light on the jewellery as nobody likes to wear too much when the weather is hot and added a floppy hat and some classic tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses which are two of my summer staples.

I think that this outfit would be perfect for any summer holiday destinations and it doesn't break the bank either. It would be great for a city break during summer as it looks stylish but still comfortable when walking around sightseeing but also the dress would be great for wearing to the beach as a cover-up or dressed up more in the evenings to go out for dinner. It would actually be great to wear on sunny days in the UK too if you're staying here this summer like me!

As I mentioned at the start of this post, Bonprix have created some location-specific outfits inspired by their new collection of summer dresses too on some amazing digital postcards. I haven't visited any of the locations but all of them are places that I'd love to go to at some point in my life as I hear amazing things about them. I especially want to go to Paris sometime soon and love the dress they have chosen for this destination, though I would personally go for the black option to wear during the evening rather than yellow.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and it gave you some inspiration for your summer style. Make sure you head over to Bonprix and check out their summer dresses if you liked what was featured in this post, as there is such a wide variety that you're bound to find something to your liking!

Which outfit do you like the best? Have you visited/are you visiting any of the destinations featured in the images this summer?

Please note: although I was approached and asked if I would feature the brand on my blog, this post is not paid for or sponsored in any way and all opinions are my own.


  1. Nice way to style the outfit - love the hat by the way

  2. Love all of these pieces together!

  3. hey, I dont usually do this but I nominated you for the The Versatile Blogger Award, heres the link to the post that explains it Xx

  4. Love this post! Been looking for this hat almost everywhere! Quite annoying when winters coming! X

    Candice xx


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