Zara Sale Picks | SS15

9 Jul 2015

As the sales have been going on for a week or two now most seem to have started fizzling out, with only the unwanted items and the awkward sizes left behind to grab. However, though slightly biased as it's one of my favourite shops, I think that Zara's sales are some of the best on the UK high street. As their items are already good value for money, when prices are discounted during the sale season you can pick up some amazing bargains and there always seems to be good items left even towards the end unlike in other retailers. I've been into my local store a couple of times recently and on one occasion I spotted so many items on sale I was having a tough decision choosing what to buy. Because of this, I thought I would share with you some of my picks from Zara's online sale.

1 - Belted Blazer, £79.99 £49.99 
2 - Striped Sunglasses, £17.99 £7.99
3 - Knitted Sleeveless Dress, £29.99 £15.99
4 - Gingham Embroidery Top, £19.99 £9.99
5 - Patched Jeans, £29.99 £16.99
6 - Top with Frilled Hem, £17.99 £7.99
7 - Shiny D'Orsay Shoes, £19.99 £9.99
8 - Leather Bucket Bag with Tassels, £59.99 £29.99
9 - Leather Sandal with Track Heel, £79.99 £29.99
10 - Top Stitched Messenger Bag, £19.99 £16.99

The best thing about browsing towards the end of sales is that items continue to get marked down even more and as I've said Zara still have some amazing things on offer - especially bags and shoes, which I definitely do not need more of but was unable to resist those silver shoes! 

If you like these picks of mine, I really urge you to go into your local Zara store too (if you have one) because I did spot some things that aren't available online anymore. Whilst you're in there, forgive me as your purse may suffer because there are some great pieces that aren't on sale too... 


  1. Such good sale prices, really love the sunnies! x

  2. Obsessing over those two bags, Zara really know how to make stylish, affordable pieces
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  3. Great post, love everything about Zara! :)


  4. your blog is so chic love the zara post i folowed you on bloglovin please check my blog out

  5. I want all of them :)


  6. All such lovely items !

  7. I've never been to Zara myself but Wow, Great sale prices! All of your purchases look lovely; my favourite are the Patched Jeans! :)

  8. those jeans and sunnies are literally the cutest! Lovely blog! Yay for sales :D

  9. These are stunning, I want them all!

    mind looking at my first 'beauty' post?

  10. Wow Zara's sale does seem really good! I'll definitely go in there sometime soon!! xx


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