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23 Jul 2015

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may know that last Monday (the 13th) was my birthday. This year, I couldn't come up with many ideas of what I wanted as a present when people asked (side note: is it just me who always seems to want things until birthdays or christmas come around?) but there was a few Charlotte Tilbury makeup bits that I have had my eye on. 

Charlotte Tilbury is by far one of my favourite makeup brands and has been since I purchased my first item, the 'Uptown Girl' palette, back in late 2013. You aren't just paying a high price for the luxurious rose gold packaging as lovely as it is, but Charlotte Tilbury's products are actually worth every penny as they just do their job fabulously. The quality is consistently incredible, the colours are carefully selected to suit different skin tones/eye colours, and everything I've tried lasts really well. I received three new products from Charlotte Tilbury for my birthday, so I thought I would give mini reviews on each of them as although I've only been using them for a week and a bit, I have definitely formed opinions on them already.

Firstly is one of the Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadows in the shade 'Marie Antoinette' which I believe is a product that was released earlier this year and is available in around 6 colours. This shade is described as "an antique oyster gold hue" and I chose it as I thought it would be good for day and night. I own quite a few cream eyeshadows as I think they're great for creating an easy eye look but this one is by far the best I've tried and I absolutely love the formula. You only need to take a small amount of product on your fingertip then apply it to the eyelid for a wash of colour that isn't too sheer but can be built up to look more dramatic if you'd like. It glides on so seamlessly and smoothly, providing a really lovely finish that isn't over the top sparkly and looks much softer than the likes of a MAC Paint Pot in my opinion. What I also love about this shade in particular is I find it works really well alongside the 'Dolce Vita' palette, so if you do want a more intense look you can add some of those shadows in the crease and/or outer corner of the eye. If you want a quick and easy everyday eye look I would definitely recommend this and it would also be great for those who haven't used cream eyeshadows before.

Next is a product that I have heard so much about in the blogging world, the Lip Cheat Lip Liner in the shade 'Pillow Talk'. I've never been a big lip liner user despite my lipstick obsession but they're having a bit of a moment right now so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and try this one because I wanted to see whether it was worth the hype or not. I don't have much to compare to - I've only tried one from Model Co Cosmetics and one from Bobbi Brown before - but this product works really, really well. It doesn't drag along the lips or feel rough at all but instead has a velvety texture which glides on easily and leaves a soft yet defined line,  perfecting and enhancing the shape of your lips. The best thing about this product for me is it's lasting power. I can talk, eat, drink, whatever and it will stay on for HOURS which amazes me. The colour is also really good for me, it's slightly darker than my natural lip colour meaning it gives a fuller looking lip. I'm not sure if I have been converted to using lip liners all the time now but I have not stopped using this with every nude/pink lipstick since I received it.  

Finally is probably my favourite of them all, the limited edition Matte Revolution Lipstick in the shade 'Miss Kensington' from the Norman Parkinson x Charlotte Tilbury collection. I think I can express how much I love this lipstick by the following two statements: 1) I own over 20 lipsticks and this is all I have worn since I got it and 2) I am already seriously considering purchasing another as a back up because I'm not sure when it will stop being sold. I don't know what it is about this lipstick that makes me love it so much, it's just all-round amazing. The formula is a nice matte finish which isn't too drying, it is literally the perfect everyday lip colour for me - it's described as an "English-rose pink that works well on fairer skin tones", and it goes really well with the Pillow Talk lip liner to give the illusion of fuller lips. Again, this is syper long-lasting and applies beautifully like all of Charlotte Tilbury's products. Why does a lipstick so perfect have to be limited edition? It just isn't fair. Everything from the Norman Parkinson collaboration looks really gorgeous so be sure to check it out but the Miss Kensington look is right up my street and I just adore this lipstick.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you haven't tried Charlotte Tilbury products before then I whole-heartedly recommend them as they're completely worth the money. If you have, make sure you leave a comment telling me what your favourite product is as I'd love to know. I am so obsessed with the brand that I think soon my entire face will be made up of the products! Next I've got my eye on the Eyes to Mesmerise in 'Mona Lisa'... 


  1. Sadly, I haven't tried any Charlotte Tilbury products yet... Maybe I'll buy the one or other thing in the next few days though haha x

    Melanie Rose | Live Your Best Life Today

  2. What a beautiful shade of lipstick, I love the color! Great review :)

  3. Lovely products, so sad they don't sell this brand where I am from x

  4. Happy belated birthday! I'm so jealous you got all these makeup products. I don't have any Charlotte Tilbury makeup but I heard they are amazing!

    xoxo Emily


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