Baking Cookies on Sunday

22 Mar 2015

After watching one of Zoella's vlogs earlier this week in which she made some delicious looking chocolate cookies I decided that it had been too long since I'd done some baking I thought that Sunday would be the perfect day to make these cookies as in my eyes Sunday's are made for being lazy and doing things that make you happy basically.

I followed Zoe's method by watching her video and it was very simple to do.  Firstly, I pre-heated my oven at 200 degrees before I mixed 200g of butter (at room-temperature) with 250g of caster sugar using a wooden spoon. I would definitely recommend cheating on this part and using an electric whisk because this whole process of using a spoon gets very, very tiring. Then when that was all combined together and creamy I cracked in 1 egg and continued mixing. Afterwards, I added 275g of self-raising flour slowly. If you pour all of the flour in at once you will get it everywhere. Apparently I still get it everywhere even if I add small amounts at a time - not good. Once the flour is mixed in I added 75g of cocoa powder which was soon all over my kitchen counter along with the flour spillages. The final stage before putting them on the baking tray is breaking up the chocolate bars to add in - I used a medium sized bar of milk chocolate and white chocolate and tried to spread it evenly throughout the mix. Now for the most messy part, I scooped out big chunks of mixture and rolled them into balls then placed them spread apart on the baking tray on top of some greaseproof paper. I left them in the oven for about 10 minutes before leaving them to cool down. 

After all that effort spent mixing and then cleaning up after the mess of flour and cocoa powder I made I was extremely pleased with the results when I took them out of the oven. They were nice and crispy around the edges but with gooey melted chocolate in the middle. They're slightly sickly as they're so big but they taste as delicious as they look,  you definitely need to be a chocolate fan to enjoy them! 

I hadn't intended to blog about this as I usually stick to fashion & beauty but I enjoy reading more lifestyle posts too sometimes so I thought I'd try it out - I hope you liked it and if you're thinking of baking something definitely try this recipe!

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