Best Of: Slogan T-Shirts

7 Jun 2017

Slogan t-shirts may be highly versatile wardrobe additions, looking utterly effortless when worn, but plenty goes into finding the perfect one. There's a lot to consider aside from the slogan itself, including colour, typeface and fit. Thankfully, making a statement through your t-shirts is a trend which has erupted for SS17, meaning there's currently a plethora of choice in the market. Though slightly out of my style comfort zone, I've warmed up to the idea after being persuaded by countless street style shots, so I thought I would share the best of what I've found on my hunt for the one. 

ONE £17.99, Mango | TWO £15.99, Mango

THREE £9.99, Zara | FOUR £14.00, Missy Empire

FIVE £75.00, Alexachung | SIX £16.90, Rad.

While Mango and Zara have some great options coming and going, I find the slogans can be a bit cliché sometimes. I've found that Rad is one of the best places to look, since slogans are their signature thing and they have a lot of choice, but I was pleasantly surprised to find one that I really like from Missy Empire. A lot of theirs are slightly cringeworthy, but I love the typeface on the 'thanks but no thanks' tee and think it'll look great paired with denim as well as gingham. For now, my search continues but if I don't come across any better options I may just snap that one up. 


  1. Love this post!! I want the Heartbreaker one and I can totally see you in the 'thanks but no thanks'

    1. The heartbreaker one is so nice because the slogan is embroidered! Thank you ♡

  2. Such a statement! haha.....
    ig @grace_njio


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