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27 May 2016

I am an avid magazine reader. If I didn't limit myself, I would probably buy about 10 per month and make myself completely broke. I don't know what exactly it is about those glossy pages that enthrals me  so much but I have loved them since a young age, so I thought I'd share which magazines I get delivered to my door monthly. 

#1 is an obvious but necessary choice, the iconic Vogue. I remember flicking through Vogue when I was younger, not fully understanding the articles but enjoying the imagery and tearing out pages to stick on my bedroom walls nonetheless. The fact that it celebrated it's 100th birthday this year is enough to testify to the greatness of the magazine - seeing some of the first issues at the Vogue 100 exhibition was incredible. The articles are immaculately written and the editorials don't ever stray from being interesting. Vogue, for me, never fails at providing the latest on trending fashions, cultures and lifestyles.

#2 is Elle magazine, one I started reading more recently within the last few years or so. I find Elle an easier read than Vogue, since the articles tend to be slightly shorter and a bit more lighthearted. However, that doesn't mean it should be taken any less seriously. I am often more interested in the topics discussed in articles - great coverage is given to current issues faced by women - and I particularly like the larger amount of high street fashion included. The beauty section is my favourite of all the magazines I read, interviews with cover stars are insightful and the editorials are always flawless too. 

Lastly, #3 is Glamour. My subscription and love towards Glamour magazine was definitely induced by my friend Katie. This is the easiest of all three to read and requires the least concentration, making it great to flick through at the end of a busy day when you want to wind down. The magazine has definitely stepped up it's game recently - I absolutely love it's new look - and produces some really thought-provoking content. It is, of course, still centred around fashion but I feel Glamour provides a great variety of features and is definitely suitable for those who aren't completely obsessed with the latest trends. 

The magazines I subscribe to are definitely the more accessible, mainstream fashion magazines but  I don't think you can go wrong with them as they have been consistent for many years. Some months I find myself picking up others that I come across in store - I have recently developed a liking for InStyle - so I would love to know what recommendations anybody has. I am especialy keen to try reading some lesser known publications. Though some people believe print is dead since the rise of the blog, I won't be ending my subscriptions any time soon and think women's fashion magazines deserve less criticism than they receive as they have improved incredibly in recent years. 

What are your favourite magazines to read?

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