Choccywoccydoodah Café

25 May 2015

Chocolate lovers this one is for you, so if you're a healthy eater only you may want to click away now as this could be enough to tempt you! 

On Friday, my friend Livvy and I were trying to make a decision of where to go for lunch whilst shopping when I remembered the hidden gem Choccywoccydoodah located just off Carnaby Street on Foubert's Place opposite MAC. This place is essentially how it sounds - chocolate heaven. I knew of Choccywoccydoodah previously as my 18th birthday cake was made by them (see here) but I haven't heard much about their café apart from seeing a few Instagram photos and only discovered it was actually there sometime late last year. To make a change from the usual places we'd visit for lunch, we decided to go in.

The café is situated on the first floor of the shop and is a relatively small space yet not cramped at all, making a nice change from some of the other super-packed places to eat that you come across in London. It is decorated with some pretty quirky furniture and has lots of character about it. As you'd expect, the menu - given to you on a big chalkboard - strictly consists of sweet options including milkshakes and slices of cake. We were told that their most popular options are the hot chocolate and the dipping platter.

Myself and Livvy chose the exact same (this happens frequently) and ordered pink lemonade and the dipping platter. The dipping platter is essentially a selection of treats such as strawberries, marshmallows, brownie, honeycomb, and more to dip in either milk, white, or dark melted chocolate. We decided to order one with milk chocolate and one with white chocolate so we could share. It was absolutely delicious and great value as we got to take away our leftovers in a box, though all of it definitely tasted better when dipped in the chocolate. I must add that it is very 'instagrammable' too, as you can tell from the image of Livvy below trying to get the perfect photo! The selection of cakes on offer also looked amazing, some of which it was hard to believe were actually edible as they're decorated so insanely.  

I would recommend going to Choccywoccydoodah café to any chocoholic who is around this area and will most certainly be visiting again myself in the future. What other places would you recommend to eat in London?


  1. Adding this to me recommendation for my next London trip! Thanks :) x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  2. That's a truly twisted name! We live in London too so might drop by for a cup of hot chocolate :))

    Have an awesome day!
    Anna x
    Pattern Of Taste | Our Youtube channel

    1. I know right! Yeah, you definitely should - it's worth it.

      Thank you x

  3. Wow ! That place looks so nice ! Hope you enjoyed it :)

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