A Summer Sale Shopping Haul

I've been feeling the need for a wardrobe refresh for a while now, I have a big bag of clothes to sell sat in my bedroom and I need to do another clear-out ASAP to add to that. The second stage to a wardrobe refresh though is the best part, which is obviously buying new clothes to fill the empty space. Who am I kidding, there's still no empty space in my wardrobe even after a clear-out, however this does not stop me buying new clothes.

In recent months nothing has grabbed my eye too much even though I love the SS15 trends but on Monday I went shopping and picked up quite a few bargains in the sale which I thought I would share with you as I felt like it was my lucky day. I have also added a couple of things which I've bought on different occasions over the past few weeks too.

Textured Throw-On Coat Topshop, £79 £40
Let's face it, I probably didn't need this coat at all but I thought it was such a classic style yet different from what you usually see. It is quite lightweight but can definitely be worn throughout the year and it's a pastel blue colour with a peachy underlayer giving it a really unique colour. I don't have any coats that aren't neutral or black so this is a nice addition to my wardrobe and it's surprisingly versatile. 

V-Neck Top (similar here) - Zara, £15.99 £9.99
I picked this up because I am a sucker for a v-neck, I think they're super flattering and tops like this look effortless and are easy to style because they're a staple piece that go with everything. I also love the cut  of this top and which literally looks as though it's been snipped off with scissors (and probably has been).

V-Neck T-Shirt (similar here) - Zara £5.99
You can't go wrong with a v-neck t-shirt (told you I love them) and as I wear my white one to death I thought I needed to get another one so opted for grey this time. This is also made from organic cotton and is a nice loose fit so perfect for tucking into jeans and skirts. 

Sleeveless Duster Coat (similar here) - New Look £22.99 
I've been wanting a sleeveless blazer/duster coat for a while now as I've seen so many street style images of people looking great in them but I didn't want to spend a lot on one in case I didn't wear it a lot. I saw this one in New Look and absolutely loved the colour (I was eyeing up white ones but I wanted to be able to wear white underneath too) plus the price is amazing! 

Blue Bar Back Cami - New Look £5.99 £3
Camis are an essential in summer as they're the easiest thing to throw on and go, I have loads from Topshop from previous years but I couldn't believe that in New Look they're only £3 (£2.70 with student discount!) at the moment and aren't any worse in terms of quality. I got this blue colour because my mum said it suited me and because I don't wear blue too often so thought I'd branch out a bit.

Wide Satin Trousers - H&M £24.99
Admittedly these are not to everybody's taste but you've read about me lusting after wide-leg trousers in previous posts and I finally got my hands on the ones I wanted which I was too excited about. I haven't worn these out yet as I'm still deciding how to style them but I think they're so gorgeous even if I do look slightly like a clown/someone who thinks they're on holiday not at home in the UK.

Utility Pocket Skirt - Topshop £28
A bit different from the button-down denim skirts that are being seen everywhere lately, I chose this instead which is an A-line denim skirt with two pockets on the front. I ordered this online and it's much more high-waisted than I expected but I do really like it still and it's a great alternative to jeans for the summer. I love the dark indigo denim too because it mean that it will look good with tights in winter too which is a bonus. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing my purchases and I will try and get some outfit posts featuring some of these items styled done soon. Also, if you have any tips for photographing clothes (not full outfits) please share them with me in the comments as I'd really appreciate it because I want my images to look better! 


  1. Wow you picked up some lovely pieces! I would love to get my hands on that coat and this enid leg trousers - beautiful!


  2. Great pieces, I love that sleeveless duster coat

    The Melissa Bennett Blog

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
    I love this skirt in the last pictures....it looks perfect!


    1. No problem - thank you for visiting mine! It is a lovely skirt, and such a great price too! x

  4. Ahh Love everything! I'm glued to your blog now xx